Element is the First Packaging Company to join forces with Retailer, Credo Beauty, MOB Beauty and Canadian Retailer, Hudsons as a Co-Founder in pactcollective.org.

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  Element’s Co-founder, Nick Gardner states “what Pact does, is it brings three parts of the supply chain together to help create solutions of circularity and reduction of waste beginning with the beauty industry” 



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Element Packaging is a global resource for innovative packaging solutions within the beauty and skincare industries. A full service company, Element manages the process of development, from concept through design and manufacturing in collaboration with long-term partnerships throughout the world. 


Comprised of three divisions-

Element PackagingElement Sampling

Element Turnkey, provides leading-edge solutions to a variety of packaging needs.


From Global Beauty Brands to Indie Startups- Beauty is our Business  



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Element offers an extensive, on-trend stock component options, targeted to meet your brand’s retail and creative strategies. Together with our global manufacturing partners we are commited to delivering the finest quality product and services to the beauty industry. 



Element Packaging works with the leaders of the beauty sphere to bring new and unique concepts to counter.


Our network of facilities spans the globe and offers expertise in all materials and functions including glass, paper, plastics and metals for cosmetic and personal care primary and secondary componentry.


Our team of dedicated experts develop, manage and produce inspired decorations to give the perfect finishing touch to every project. With a wide array of stock and custom packaging our rapidly expanding portfolio offers something for everyone.



Element Sampling provides Innovative, cost efficient solutions utilizing over 100 standard molds for both skincare and cosmetics.  In addition, our custom design capabilities offers unique and impactful sampling programs tailor-made to meet the increasing demands of both the retailer and your consumer.


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• Design & Development

• Custom Packaging & Turnkey


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